Best University in China for MBBS

Best Medical Schools in China

The greatest medical schools in China are Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM), Shantou University Medical College (SUMC), Nanjing Medical University (NJMU), and others.

Chinese institutions have a lot to offer, including high standards of instruction, affordable tuition, and several scholarships. Reputable professors, top-notch labs, and more can be found Best University in China for MBBS.

In addition, many foreign students prefer to study medicine in China due to the country’s significantly reduced cost of living.

So, let us find out more about China’s Best Universities for MBBS:

Shanghai TCM University

Shanghai serves as the financial and commercial hub of China. Over the past 20 years, Shanghai has had some of the fastest growth worldwide. Shanghai aspires to quickly emerge as a significant shipping hub for the world. This medical university in south China is situated in the heart of Shanghai, 30 minutes from Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai University of TCM is one of the best medical schools in China that accepts foreign students and offers clinical and western medicine. Training, research, and educational possibilities are offered to students at the Chinese medical university that has received MCI approval.


A wide number of programs are offered by this prestigious medical institution in China, including MBBS (Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine), MD/MS (Master of Surgery), M.D.S., and MD in Hospital Administration. There are also many others in a wide range of disciplines, including biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, nursing, etc.

The MCI Screening Test, which is given to candidates pursuing undergraduate degrees from abroad in India, has a passing record of 75%, and Shihezi Medical University was the ONLY MCI-listed institution in China to achieve this.

The FMGE test rankings for the 2018 calendar year place SHIHEZI UNIVERSITY among the best medical universities in China. Since 2004, Shihezi University has been a BMDC-approved medical school in China, graduating more than 50 students each year.

University of Qingdao

This university, which is in Shandong province’s beautiful city of Qingdao, is one of the top 3 medical schools in China for international students. Since China lacks private medical universities, all of the institutions have extremely high standards for instruction, security, and safety.

How well a university treats its international students, what innovations it includes in its medical curriculum, and how many students it has graduated are the primary determinants of a university’s ranking in China.

Due to its location, Qingdao University is thought of as the best medical university in China for students from India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore who want to study medicine in China Medical University Taiwan.


One of the top 20 medical schools in China is Jilin University, which made the list thanks to efforts to improve the quality of instruction for international students.

Few Chinese medical institutions would take the initiative to internationalize their programs and diversify their campus cultures like Jilin University has done.

To deal with concerns concerning international students, it is responsible for setting up functional departments, colleges, and research organizations. expanding degree programs for international students at China’s entire medical university through collaboration with other universities.


The Liaoning Institution of TCM, one of China’s low-cost medical schools, is situated in Shenyang, the provincial capital of Liaoning, which is also home to CMU, the country’s most expensive medical school. It is recognized as one of China’s best medical universities among Indian students.


The Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is another name for the Shanxi College (SXTCM). It consistently ranks among the top 10 medical schools in China. The province of Shanxi’s center for medical and scientific research is the 1989-founded Shanxi University of TCM.

Shanxi University of TCM currently spans two campuses, Taiyuan and Jinzhong, with a combined area of around 74 hectares and a floor area of 0.37 million square kilometers.

Jining Medical College

Jining Medical University is the only such inexpensive MBBS university in China that accepts Indian students. Jining Medical Assistant School became Jining Medical University in 1952, which now offers a five-year MBBS program. From 1958 until 1986, it was known as Jining Medical College, Three-Year MD Program before changing its name to Jining Medical College in 1958.

The name was once again changed to Jining Medical University, Five-Year MBBS Program in 1987. Most departments provide courses in a variety of medical disciplines. This medical university has made a name for itself in the China MBBS University list among all the medical institutions recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Pharmaceutical University of Shenyang

SPU, which is situated in Shenyang, is well-known for its extended history and significant standing in China’s academic pharmaceutical community. For Indian students looking for a low-cost medical education in China, it has been the perfect location.

According to ESI 2016, the university is ranked 89 domestically and 1601 globally. In order to be eligible for MBBS in China in 2019, students must have earned at least a 60 percent grade average in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 10+2 class. The MOE and MCI have approved all medical universities in China that provide English-medium courses.


Shenyang Municipal Advanced Practice Nurse School was the previous name for Shenyang Medical College. One of China’s top 3 medical institutes has the lowest tuition for an MBBS program for Indian students.

The Medical Council of India exam is passed by more than 60% of the more than 350 Indian students enrolled in this Medical University’s affordable MBBS program in China.


Henan University was one of the first public universities in China. It was established in 1912. Its initial name was the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. One of the most affordable medical universities in all of China is this one, which is situated in Zhengzhou, a city in the Henan province.

Maintaining the current system of instruction is a top priority for the MCI-approved Henan Medical University in China, which also prioritizes developing curricula, emphasizing teaching practice, standardizing management procedures, and building the groundwork for management team development.

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