MCSE Training Centre in dubai

What will you pick up from this?

The MCSE Training Centre in Dubai credential requires a total of seven different MCP certifications to complete. You will learn how to create complicated networks, SQL databases, and Exchange Server 2003 systems if you enroll in this in-depth course. You will also gain an understanding of the significance of IT in business.

You will learn how to handle basic and dynamic discs, as well as the hardware troubleshooting wizard. You will also learn how to access resources, how run commands, and how to manage web servers. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of TCP/IP, subnetting, network monitors, and a great deal more.

Knowledge Necessary or Related to the Topic

IT workers should have at least a year’s worth of experience dealing with Microsoft Windows and the server 2003 platform. They should also be knowledgeable about both of these platforms.

Who Ought to Be Present?

Those who are looking to better their career, increase their compensation, or secure more stable employment are the greatest candidates for this program.

Course Outline

Networking systems:

The Administration and Upkeep of an Environment Running Windows Server 2003

Planning and Upkeep of a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure Planning and Upkeep of a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Client Operating System:

MCSE Certification for Windows XP Professional

The settings of Windows Vista

Elective course: Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network Concentration: Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network

Safety Measures for Windows Server 2003 MCSE 70-298 Series SQL Server 2000 Admin MCSA 70-228

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 MCSA/MCSE 70-284 Series SQL Server 2005 MCTS 70-431 Series

The Consequences and Advantages of Taking This Class

Through the completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in Windows servers, which, in turn, will assist you in gaining the trust of your customers. You will see an increase in both your wage and job security as a result of this. You will benefit more from having experience in addition to a relevant certification than you will from simply having job experience on its own. Therefore, it is a positive aspect, and it is exactly what personnel recruiters are seeking.

At Course Completion

You will have acquired a comprehensive set of IT skills by the time you finish this course. You will have an easier time managing networks once you have this ability. You will have the ability to recover from a disaster. You will have the ability to set up, operate, and keep a Microsoft server 2003 running well. As a result, you will have a complete understanding of Microsoft Windows server 2003.

Why choose Nlptech?

Since 2007, Nlptech has accumulated experience in the field of training. Because of all of our hard work and dedication, as well as our years of expertise, we have established ourselves as one of the premier educational institutions. We take measures to ensure that the information we impart to our pupils is up-to-date and of the highest possible quality. You may rest assured that you will never look back on your time spent with us with regret.

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