Obtaining a good education does not need to be expensive. There are ways for homeschoolers to say on education expenditures and that encompasses purchasing used quality on sale text books, programs and the like.

True enough parents will do everything to make sure that their children are getting the best education possible. On the contrary, not everyone can afford new books and other education materials. However, this should not hinder one to gain access of a decent education. They can choose an alternative, used, still in good condition education resources to aid in their learning style. Here are guidelines on how you can find education resources at a minimal cost

First, like many other groups, homeschoolers also meet somewhere, either online or offline. Certainly, you’ll get tremendous deals and finds for inexpensive books from these groups. Usually, members of these groups would sell the books they no longer need at a cheaper price. Friendly competition often maintains the prices low, stocks bountiful, and sometimes books that are no longer published are out for grabs.

Second, to get good quality, low priced books you may check with publishers, particularly homeschool curriculums. Most often than not, these publishers provide scratch and dent sales or minor defects on their books. Fortunately for those looking for cheap priced used books, these materials cannot be sold at a much higher rate because of its defects. Most publishers couldn’t care less but to have their books move out of inventory and bring their prices low. Most definitely, good news for all homeschoolers!


Finally, most homeschoolers who buy second hand or used books would advise you to try homeschool classified or Homeschoolers Trading Zone. These are fantastic places to buy and sell used curriculum online. These websites usually have a search feature to make it easier for buyers to find specific titles, information about the author, edition, condition, and price. In addition to the search feature, buyers can also post free “wanted” ads to let users now their list of needed books and other education resources

However, given that we found the perfect place to find the book we need to make sure that what we are purchasing are of quality and not just cheap priced books.

As much as you would like to save a couple of bucks on education resources, before clicking the order button, it doesn’t hurt to check the condition of the homeschool curriculum that you intended to buy. On websites, education resources that are on sale are usually categorized as: New, Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable. Assess the sellers’ credibility in selling and for the reason for the designation of such categories too. Acceptable often mean a damaged but can still be read books, wear and tear or markings.

To conclude, purchasing cheap books does not mean that you’re also buying low quality books. Be meticulous in choosing the right educational materials for your child, be it new or used/. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you’re getting the full course of what you’ve actually paid for. Have fun book hunting!

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