Children’s education is of a high priority in today’s 21st century education. So much more is demanded of our students to complete a demanding curriculum on the way to college or university. When students are under the gun for higher marks, better attendance and other markers for success, then parents are also expected to be actively involved in the system.

Children’s education is beginning at an earlier age when most youngsters are in school by the age of 3 and 1/2 or 4 years. It is not glorified daycare as some would deem it; education is easier when children are between the ages of 2-5 years. This is when they accomplish most of their learning and it sets the groundwork for their future in education. Parents must make sure that their children attend an accredited nursery or daycare centre, early kindergarten or other program which will ensure that their child attains the best beginning.

Once your child is older and gets involved in the higher grades, please ensure that your child attends school regularly. Other than a viral or other illness, all children should be at school every day. So many lessons are taught and programs are conducted that it is easy for children to fall behind if kept at home. Secondly, make sure that you are an active player in your children’s education. Attend any Open House or Meet the Teacher events and interviews regarding your child’s success in school. Both parents should attend, whether the family is intact or not, in order to stay on top of your children’s education.

At home, a parent’s job is to provide a quiet, well-lit area for their child to complete his or her homework and projects. It does not always work to send them to their room where they can go unnoticed for up to an hour. All of the children in the family should have a quiet homework period, without the distractions of television or video games, preferably in a room on the main floor. Parents should be in attendance to assist with reading out the assignment, clarifying any questions or problems, showing an example if necessary and then leave the child to do his own work.

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