The global financial crisis and recent economic downturn have been a challenging period for many people. Even now, as the economy begins to pick up in some locations and industries many others are continuing to struggle. Interest rates are rising and beginning to impact on consumer spending. The Australian currency is at record highs and affected our exporters. In response, many businesses have down-sized and many staff have lost their positions.

So how do you manage your career or business in tough times?

Managing Your Career

Whether times are good or bad it is essential to keep developing your skills and ensure your skills are in strong demand from employers. In tough times this can help you ensure you retain your job. In good times it puts you in the best position to achieve a promotion or increase in your pay.

Advancing your career often requires skills in management. A Frontline Management Certificate IV is the ideal qualification to help you develop these skills and achieve a nationally recognised qualification. You can do a Frontline Management Certificate IV whether you already have a job or are seeking work.

Frontline Management Certificate IV can be completed in Australia in a variety of formats including face to face learning and distance education. Distance Education Australia is a great way to complete the course if you need flexibility to plan study around your work or family.

Managing Your Business

When managing your business it is important to have the best staff and to keep on building their skills. This becomes even more important in challenging times. You need staff who can help you overcome challenges and manage through the downturn. Frontline Management Certificate IV is a great way to build the management skills of your team. Individual staff members can complete the courses face to face or by distance education. If you have several staff who need training, distance education or a specially planned workplace based training model can be ideal. There are a variety of free courses and government funded courses which can mean training your staff is free or costs very little. Contact National College Australia or your training provider to discuss your eligibility for free training or government funded training.

Course Contents

A Certificate IV in Frontline Management has core units in workplace leadership, implementation of operational plans, safety, and promoting the effectiveness of teams. There are also a variety of elective units in: customer service, innovation, interpersonal communication, and management.

Your training provider can provide more information to you about the options they offer.

Distance Education Australia

Certificate IV in Frontline Management can be completed by Distance Education in Australia. Distance education is a flexible way of learning using online tools. You can plan your study around your family and work needs. Distance Education is becoming interactive and increasingly professional. With good training providers like National College Australia you will still have the opportunity to interact with your trainers and other students and will be given good quality feedback. Check out what is now on offer and you may find Distance Education is a great option for you.

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