As the days get longer and the temperatures begin to increase, it can only mean that summer is finally on the way. It’s a great time for horse owners, with more daylight hours to spend with and care for your horse (the early starts are lighter, warmer and less painful!) and evening hacks are a possibility. Here’s a quick look at some summer essentials for you and your horse.

Fly Sheets/Rugs

Flies and midges can be a major problem for some horses during the summer months. There are several things you can do to help them with this. Fly sheets and rugs offer great protection from bugs, with products ranging from simple meshes to stop the insects getting to your horse’s skin, shower proof fly sheets, to more advanced products that also provide your horse with UV protection.

Fly Mask

Again, if your horse is bothered by flies and bugs, fly masks offer a similar protection to the rugs for their face. They vary in coverage, but can cover the whole face and ears if required. Like the rugs, they are available with UV protection, including some with additional protection for the eyes.

Fly Repellent for Horses

Fly repellent is available in many forms for horses, including fly sprays, fly gel, fly cream and fly wipes, these perform an essential role in warding off flies and other insects. What works best for you and your horse will come down to individual preference, but there are loads of options out there.

Light Turnout Rug

Depending on how much your horse is stabled and if they are clipped, you might find that they need some protection outside at this time of year. If they are turned out in the summer, especially overnight, and the weather is not that warm and there is a fair bit of wind and rain, they may benefit from a medium to light turnout rug. As ever with horse rugs, you need to make the call on this dependent on your own horse’s characteristics and circumstances, and obviously keep an eye on the weather forecast too!

Summer Horse Riding Clothing

Don’t forget your own clothing! Riding and working on a yard in the summer can get pretty hot. There are helmets with vents available, as well as clothing and gloves created with breathable fabrics. It’s advisable to stick with jodhpurs to protect your legs, but look out for cotton ones which will be cooler in warmer weather. And if you’re eventing and need show wear, there are a variety of lightweight options available.

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