List of Possible Horse Boarding Services

Have you ever used horse boarding services? Maybe you are thinking about getting your first horse or maybe you are just looking for new boarding services for some reason. There are so many options available, so I decided to come up with a list with as many extra horse boarding service options as I could think of from my horse boarding experiences.

Pasture Boarding
Paddock Boarding
Stall boarding
Some mixture of the above three
Hay Feeding
Grain Feeding
Turn-out Time
Grooming Services
Riding Lessons
Outdoor Arena
Indoor Arena
Heated Barns/Arenas

Storage Area (personal or public)
Riding Trails
Farrier Services
Regular De-worming
Regular vet visits for vaccines and coggins testing
Special diet Choices
Equipment cleaning services
Stall Cleaning
Full care/Minimal Care
One-Day Boarding
Horsey Hotel
Transportation Services
Horse Leasing
Equipment Rental
Special Personalized Care (such as medical)
Rubber Stall mats
Automatic water
Round Pen
Ponds, Rivers

Well, there they are: 35 horse boarding services that you could come across in your search. Typically the more services that are available, the more expensive it will be. My advice is to really search around online, in newspapers, the yellow pages, and talk to other horse people. Make sure you know all of your options before you make your final choice on horse boarding services. Pick the place that you feel most comfortable with. You have to know that your horse will be safe and it should only have the services that you will most use. Don’t pay extra for services you may not ever use.

There are some great perks to keeping your horse in some kind of boarding facility. Along with great perks though, there are also some downfalls. It is nice when some one else can do the chores for you so you can have more time just to enjoy and train your horse. All of these extra services though can mean a bigger dip into your pocketbook which may or may not be something that you can easily afford.

These services can be so helpful and convenient depending on your situation, so just ask your current or potential boarding facility to find out what is available to you.

What horse boarding services are you used to? Can you think of any that I missed? What are your favorite services? What do you hate most about boarding? Please comment below your thoughts because I want to hear them!

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