Opening a local bank account is one of the most important things when moving to another country. Without it it is difficult to do simple things. Such as installing home internet or signing a cell phone contract. These things play a big role today, so opening a bank account can quickly become high on your to-do list.
Banking systems vary from country to country, and the choice becomes tricky. Here’s what to consider when opening an account in Poland.


Why use Wise?

By opening an account with Wise, you can:
1. Receive money from 80 countries.
2. Send money to 80 countries.
3. store and exchange money in 54 currencies.

Wise supports both personal transfers – to family and friends, and business transfers – to pay for goods and services.

There is no account opening or maintenance fee, you only pay a fixed fee when making a transaction. There are no hidden fees for currency conversion, as in conventional banks. This allows you to save 2%-4% of the transfer amount.

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