After, having labored on many political campaigns, inside the past 4 decades, as well as having written hundreds of articles, regarding current events, and common experience, it concerns me, how regularly, many human beings, pay so – little interest, and are interested in politicians, who seem to, simply, tell them, what it seems, for the time being, they want to listen (even, if that individual’s actions and behaviors, have now not finished so), as opposed to what they need to recognise! Whilst maximum, would, probable agree, we’re presently, experience, greater polarization, and partisan politics/ loss of cooperation, than ever – before, in recent memory, they appear, not able, or unwilling to comprehend, the try, to limit some rights, for short – term, personal/ political agendas, and/ or, self – pursuits, dangers this kingdom’s real democracy, into the destiny! With, that in mind, this text will try and, in short, recall, look at, evaluate, and speak, the use of the mnemonic technique, what this means and represents, and why it topics. 1. Applicable; faith (or now not); proper factor; accountable: until/ till, we protect all our rights, as opposed to, selective ones, and realise, for example, freedom – of – religion, approach, absolutely everyone has the proper to take a look at their chosen one (or to decide to now not study any), and this country, by means of – layout, does now not have a national faith (we aren’t a “christian country”), we danger our destiny democratic principles!

Rights ought to be relevant, and, doing the right factor, at a specific factor, in time, method taking responsible actions, with common experience! As an instance, public fitness and public safety, must take precedence, over, so – known as, unlimited, 2d change rights, and/ or, so – known as, personal freedoms, as an excuse, for harming the fitness and/ or, protection, of the extra proper! 2. Integrity; encourage: our national leaders must be held to the best requirements of personal, actual, consistent integrity, so that it will, better, encourage others, to do the right thing! 3. Generate goodwill; extra appropriate: we have to start to prioritize the more good, and generating goodwill, via being open – minded, and inclusive, so, we grow the significance, and devotion to all our freedoms and rights! 4. Humane; head/ coronary heart; restoration: would not we advantage, as a nation, if we elected humane leaders, who prioritized recuperation, and bringing – us, together, in preference to polarization? It takes leaders, inclined to apply the best additives in their emotional, and logical potentials, in a head/ heart stability, to absolutely, maintain the us, as high-quality, because it should be! Five. Collectively; trustworthy: if the ones, we elected, had been perceived, as being, a ways – more, truthful, wouldn’t it make sense, they may, better, bring – us, collectively, for the extra precise? 6. Machine; answers (all, no longer selective); stronger; service: how should the us’s structures, inspire solutions, which shield all our rights, in place of, simply, selective, self – serving ones? We have to searching for to make our democratic ways, more potent, and extra sustainable, if we are hoping, to make our constitutional guarantees, be, of, more provider, and price, to all! If the united states is to hold, to be, the voice for freedoms, human rights, and democratic ideas, all through the arena, we ought to begin, to lead, by example! Awaken, the united states, earlier than, it’s too past due!

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