The inexperienced new deal, the excellent reset, “build returned higher” – these are elitist/globalist code phrases for the transformation no longer handiest of human society, however the earth itself. The notable-wealthy – represented by using the elites at the sector financial forum, and their representatives in national governments, medical institutions, and medical institutions – have a plan for humanity. That plan, basically, comes down to these factors:

  • lessen the population of humanity to around 1/2 a thousand million. That is important because humans and their fossil fuel industries are (supposedly) polluting the planet, and the driving mechanism of capitalism is senseless growth and manufacturing of products and services to an unsustainable degree in an effort to finally damage the resource base of the planet. (there may be a few truth to this.)
  • create a new human society based on transhumanism – the merging of human biology with electronics, nanotechnology, gene modifying, and ai. The purpose is a human population correctly regulated by way of synthetic intelligence – a superior intelligence with a view to know how excellent to regulate a humanity that is out of manipulate. These ideas are the ultimate evolution of a male-ruled, machine-oriented philosophy that ignores the feminine. The reason of the contemporary craze of gender-identification politics is to do away with women from society (because guys can supply start). It is inconvenient for the globalists to have existence come forth from the uterus. This exercise would not in shape in with a human society that can be regulated from above. Start through a woman is sloppy and inefficient. Therefore, ladies have to be denigrated and in the long run removed from society, in conjunction with other lady-orientated ideas like love, compassion, and tolerance. The courageous new world of machines, the net of things, will now be mixed with the net of our bodies: a blockchained, qr-code based totally system that transforms difficult organic people to a facts set that can be monitored and managed from the moment of start to the instantaneous of loss of life. Human life will no longer come from ladies, it’s going to originate on bio-printers in which designed human our bodies come forth from ai-supervised programming.

The second one step, below the guise of shielding the planet, is to get rid of all fossil gas generation flowers. We are able to see this in the climate alternate accords and the tokyo protocols, and the recent meeting in glasgow, scotland of the g20. This assembly changed into all about weather alternate – the new buzzword so as to be used to spoil industrialized society and reduce populace. Of direction inexperienced energy isn’t always nearly prepared to substitute for dependable grid power, but the elites assisting the inexperienced new deal and the extremely good reset do not care approximately that. Their intention is to at once shut down all strength generation that comes from fossil fuels – currently the supply of virtually all the international’s energy. The 1/3 step is the advent of the metaverse – a international of virtual fact in order to flow people faraway from the earth, from the female and from the fact of human biology, and into an synthetic global ruled by ai. “mom nature” is an offensive time period to these girls-hating and humanity-hating human beings. It is occurring now. Meta is the brand new call for an corporation that now includes facebook, and will merge all huge tech clothes like instagram and other net-based social media companies. The concept right here is to take human recognition away from spirituality, god, and the author, and any point out of the earth that sustains us, and set up it right into a controllable artificial reality. The fourth step is the chipping and nano-infesting of the human frame. Those inner interfaces will react with the internet of factors, and could create the net of bodies, a completely controllable humanity beneath the law and manipulate of our betters. There you’ve got it oldsters – the dystopian globalist plan on your destiny, and for future generations of humanity. First rate reseters and transhumanists sincerely agree with – with none proof in any respect – that attention can come from powerful algorithms generated in a pc, and that these algos can magically evolve – in a sort of ai big bang – into sentience and awareness that is superior to human attention. This idea is the manufactured from disturbed minds. It neglects the difference between intelligence and recognition. Intelligence is not sentient, it is not directed by using the better strength, it is merely state-of-the-art problem solving. The singularity- the ultimate evolution of artificial intelligence right into a notable-intelligence – will in no way occur. Sadly, the globalists do not know this yet because they have little or no self-cognizance. Transhumanism is the closing evolution of individuals who regard themselves, and humanity, with contempt. Transhumanism and its vehicles, the terrific reset and the green new deal, is a humanity destroying idea that has its origins in a whole loss of self-esteem and self-respect.

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