To say, political elections are, often, unpredictable (and, polls are often wrong), and/ or, american voters are regularly, either, fickle or selfish, is, probable, quite – an underestimation! Those, believing, both, the most succesful candidate, or, the one, with the best degree of proper empathy, and/ or, integrity, have an advantage, obviously, haven’t, very well, discussed current elections! How else, can we explain, how and why, people vote, as they do, frequently, seeming to vote for candidates, who, appear to serve the particular candidate’s private/ political schedule, and/ or, self – interest, as opposed to the more excellent? With, that in thoughts, this newsletter will try to, in short, recall, look at, assessment, and talk, 5 examples, which need to be concerning, to the ones, who, without a doubt, cherish the principles of freedom, and what, we’ve got considered, the yank manner of existence. 1. Blaming the democrats for the pandemic: when you consider that, the onset of this horrific pandemic, then – president donald trump, regarded to equate financial troubles, with the public health! Most (nearly all) of his republican birthday celebration, at least, publicly, supported his method, and, to – date, this country, is now drawing near seven-hundred, 00 deaths, from the virus. But, we witnessed, and keep to study, many republicans resorting to blaming the democrats, for the whole thing, related to the pandemic, particularly the financial influences, it created, despite the fact that, most professionals consider, if these human beings had acted, as they must have, and advocated their supporters to observe, not unusual experience, public health measures (along with, wearing a masks, and getting vaccinated, and so on), most of

the maximum – dire impacts, could be over, and there could had been, a ways – fewer casualties, and fatalities! What exact does this blame do? Seemingly, it motivates and conjures up certain humans, to behave, in seeming – competition, to their true, interests! 2. Balloting for fears, in place of hopes and possible ideas: blaming and complaining, seems to be a part of a concerted attempt, to stoke the fears of many citizens, whether or not, associated with fitness, schooling, justice, freedoms, etc! Whilst fears are emphasized, sadly, many forget about truth, and/ or, the longer – time period ramifications, in terms of shielding, our constitutional ensures, freedoms, and rights! 3. Blindly, believing, marketing campaign rhetoric, lies, slogans, and so forth: this nation’s political campaigns, often, pass on, for a year, or more, wherein, in almost, each other state, they final, 90 days, or less, and, wherein, others restrict/ manipulate campaign spending, and, whether or not, what is stated, is factual, we do no longer! Greater, and more, the campaign rhetoric, lies, slogans, and so forth, used, in political campaigning, stretch – the – reality, at the very least! 4. Republicans seem extra unified than democrats: in the beyond few years, we have witnessed, the republican birthday party, morph – into, the birthday celebration of trump! Mitch mcconnell, is, perhaps, really of a genius, at, pushing via a few schedule, whilst, limiting discussion, on what should be, countrywide priorities! Continuously, republicans, appear to circle – their – wagons, and protect their human beings, while democrats, seem, to merely, shoot – themselves – in – the – leg, and come to little consensus, and thus, many citizens, understand them, as rather – inept! Five. In no way learning from beyond mistakes: although, this type of contradictory behavior, appears to be repeated, over – and – over – once more, and, therefore, the crucial requirements, including the chance of climate change, environmental protections, balloting rights protections, and liberty and justice, for all, preserve being, kicked – down – the – street! Isn’t always the definition of insanity, doing the same aspect, over – and – over, and awaiting special consequences? Awaken, the us, and call for better, and greater relevant, meaningful, powerful representation, from those elected, supposedly, to serve and constitute! We can’t come up with the money for, to absolutely, take delivery of and allow, the equal – old, same – vintage!

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